Sunday, May 15, 2011

List of ways HTML can download a resource

Recently two different projects required compiling a list of ways to trigger a download through HTML: Resource Timing and Preload Scanner optimization.

There's no centralized list in the WebKit source nor did a web search turn one up. So in hopes it may be useful to others, here's what I was able to come up with. Please let me know what I forgot (note that ways to download through CSS, JS, SVG and plugins are intentionally omitted).

  • <applet archive>
  • <audio src>
  • <body background>
  • <embed src>
  • <frame src>
  • <html manifest>
  • <iframe src>
  • <img src>
  • <input type=image src>
  • <link href>
  • <object data>
  • <script src>
  • <source src>
  • <track src>
  • <video poster>
  • <video src>

It might be interesting to compare the performance characteristics of downloads by resource type across browsers. For instance download priority, memory cacheability, parsing blocking and preload scan detection will vary.

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